I am a mother, wife, book hound, and nature lover. I work from my cozy attic studio in our early 1900's home in Sapperton, New Westminster, Canada—on the outskirts of Vancouver. Here, I create art through an intuitive process that begins with the power of the feminine.




Amidst quiet and beauty, I am at my best. This comes in part from growing up on a rural farm. With physical space. Mental space. Room to live in my imagination. With no material distractions, I learned to be creative, live light and make time for meaningful relationships. This is still me.

I went on to live urban, work corporate and travel around the world. I found beauty in historic buildings, designed spaces, eclectic fashion and artful food. All this added colour to what had already become my spirited yet minimalist approach to life.

Eventually, I began my own boutique graphic design company, which I lived and loved for over ten years—while finding my home and starting my family. This design business became the point of inspiration for the artistic path I’m now on. 




Now, each moment is about discovering and expressing joy and truth in beauty. I find my way through colour, texture, pattern, typography, stories, travel and the human experiences of love and sorrow. 

I seek beauty in the natural and urban worlds, looking for ways to experience them from the inside out. I then set to work in my bright attic studio, surrounded by art and inspiration, to create something that feels beautiful and honest.