Meeting our inner wild with joy + beauty.

My wild soul paintings are like a mirror, reflecting back what I need to know and remember most, reconnecting to that inner wild intuition and place of joy that resides in us all. In making this art I am making what I most need to find. And in sharing my art and creative processes I am offering what you may need most on your path to joy—beauty, lightness, peacefulness, impactful strength, symbolism, vibrance, truth, intuition, enchantment, inspiration, connection to your feminine side, self-expression, renewal, release, freedom, love. What is your soul most needing?


My work is about feeling peaceful, inspired and free. It’s about honouring the feminine—feeling soft and bold, delicate and strong at the same time. It’s about feeling light and airy, yet impactful. It’s about optimism, being grounded and a visionary. And at the same time about being a boho unicorn with a rainbow mane! I am inviting us to meet the many parts of ourselves with joy and a curiosity—reacquainting with the feminine as powerful, wild as beautiful and gentle, intuition as strength, and beauty as a path to joy.