All women are a little wildish inside. It’s what we hold, what we do, how we connect with each other that helps us rediscover our inner wild.

I’m a truth seeker and healer leading people back to their truest and most powerful selves through beauty, art and soulful experiences. I want to live in a world where Nature and intricate beauty are everywhere, woven into our existence. And where people seek truth and creativity with wild abandon. I am living proof that when we reconnect to our inner Wildish nature—our intuitive, our raw, our powerful, our knowing, our felt sense, our grounded centre, our impulses, our strength—through beauty and creativity rather than following external voices or relying on logic and reasoning, we come home to ourselves in a profound way. Re-discovering and awakening our inner wild leads us on a path we know somewhere deep inside is true, and may require faith to follow it without knowing where it leads. It shows us we already have everything we need within. It ignites power we didn’t even know we had within us. Our choices and our voice feel so true.

I have one question for you — what is your inner wild whispering to you, and are you ready to answer?