JOY: A Holiday Message



Happy holidays friends and colleagues! The season is upon us! I love this time of year. The lights, the carols, the excitement in the air, the delight in our six year old son:) My favourite things to do during the holidays are to curl up with a good book, get into the studio for some soul-feeding creative time, cook slowly, go for solo walks, and spend quality time with everyone I love. I'm so looking forward to doing these things for the next two weeks and I hope you are doing things equally joyful and inspiring for yourself.

As I wrap up the year I'm looking back and thinking, yes it's been a really good one. I've been focused on changing habits—doing less and choosing carefully. Homeschooling our son has been a challenging and exhausting but truly wonderful adventure and I'm glad we chose to do it.

I wish for each of you a restful and inspired holiday season with many moments of joy, connection and love, and vibrant wellness now and always. It's the real stuff, the stuff that truly matters, yeah?

Brick & Mortar Living

My gift line is stocked at Brick & Mortar Living here in New West—ranging from art prints to treasure tins and stationery. It’s a great place to buy local and there are many other fabulous and unique gifts. Pop by at 50 & 52 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC. The Quicksand roses pictured above are by Blossom and Vine Floral Co, the resident florist at Brick and Mortar. Her work is incredibly romantic and beautiful. Visit the pop-up flower market on Saturdays.


Floral Whimsy



I'm getting back into my creative practice again after a busy autumn. I’ve been anxious about diving back in. So, I'm starting small and playing in the studio with no specific goals other than to create. I love how using just a few colours and brushes and inexpensive watercolour paper is freeing and simple.

Instagram Inspiration

Periodically I share posts from other heart-centred souls on Instagram that really inspire me. I love these botanicals, words, and captures of children learning and exploring in nature. This is so true – Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners. —John Holt


This summer was full, full, full. I think when we went into it I had this intention for slowness and lots of days spent at the beach with my boy. It didn't quite go that way but it was so rich and rewarding I'm leaning into that. We did find many happy days in the garden, on the road (unplugged) and venturing into nature. We prioritized recharging important relationships with family afar and in the process had some amazing mountain, lake and ocean adventures, completely unplugged from technology. I breathed in the space – mental and physical – and really felt present. It was hard coming home to long to-do lists each time but it was worth it in so many ways. Now we're settling into fall and trying to find our centre again.

The gift of time, slowness and being present is something I've learned is really important to me.

A core value. I am shaping the year ahead with so much intention and this is at the centre of it. A dear friend shared this book title with me – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – and I know with crystal clear clarity this is the next pathway for me. To say no to things, to stop worrying that I'm missing out on things and simply enjoy the JOMO - the Joy Of Missing Out! It's very timely actually as we unwittingly launched ourselves into a massive house purge in the summer, and so here we are in the midst of chaos in our home and all I can dream about is simplicity, having less, doing less, feeling more spaciousness and peace each day in my surroundings and in my lifestyle. We watched the documentary TINY: A Story About Living Small and though I'm not ready to move to a 100 square foot home, I'm stirred. This is the beginning of a new chapter – challenging ourselves to pare down to what's essential, and LET GO of the rest. I'm inspired. More to come.