Intentional Eating and Vitality

As we shift into autumn I'm moving into some more intentional eating again and making my commitment to myself to enjoy cooking, eat with the seasons, cook nourishing things that make everyone in our family feel good and trim out most of the foods I'm sensitive to—grains, dairy, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, yeast, caffeine. For now coffee stays in:) I'm gathering fall recipes from a few of my fave books including Eat Taste Heal, Against All Grain, Oh She Glows and I Quit Sugar. There's some Ayurvedic influence and a bit of this and that as I've found what works for me. I hope you'll cheer me on, I can use all the encouragement I can get! And if you have a favourite fall or winter recipe I'd love if you'd share.

One more book I'm reading at the moment is The Immune System Recovery Plan. I'm getting a deeper education on functional medicine and starting to form ideas on how to support my body through the health challenges I've been having for the last handful of years. If you're experiencing any kind of auto-immune disease I recommend reading this book.