Nature As My Muse


In September, we spent a week on Denman Island soaking up nature and getting away from it all. We slowed down, wandered in nature, read, slept, and enjoyed the simplicity and quiet of being cozied up in a cottage for a week by the ocean. Some of the greatest moments were the unplanned not so glamorous ones. I felt like our family connected in a way that's hard to do in our busy lives (there was also conflict, high emotions and upsets of course:) but in the bigger picture it felt really important and special to have that time together). I took long moments to sit and enjoy the shell altars created with love, and daily beach walks and shell hunting became a central ritual to our stay. We soaked up the energy of the rainforests and the ever-changing sky and ocean landscape. I found myself really enjoying the now and taking moments here and there to capture beauty, get down a few sketches, and reflect on what's important. It was a gift in our busy lives and I am ever grateful for that time.